Online Booking: A must-have service

It has recently been identified that online appointment booking is fast-becoming a must-have service within a dental practice.

At The Exeter Dental Centre we pride ourselves on being ‘Here When You Need Us’ and online booking was simply an extension of this thinking.

Analysis of the online booking data has revealed that half of all live bookings made are done so outside of surgery hours.

This ever-increasing statistic represents a dramatic shift in the way patients perceive dentistry and the options available to them. The analysis also uncovered that over a third of these bookings (37%) were made for cosmetic consultations.

Patients find our online booking tool incredibly useful.  Existing patients only need to follow the link from the reminder text message or email that we send to book their appointment.

New patients don’t have to wait to get hold of our reception team and can read reviews on the clinic as they go through the booking process, reaffirming their decision to join our practice.

Accessibility is a key part of our ethos, we want to blow away the cobwebs of ‘difficult to see dentists’ where patients have had to wait long periods in the past. Smart booking is the way forward for patients and the clinic alike.


Owner – The Exeter Dental Centre