Why we value patient feedback so much

Dentistry is about trust – A relationship between a highly-skilled clinician and a willing patient who is seeking to regain dental health.  Without our patients trusting us, their dentists, we would not be able to do the work that we love.

We believe that there are many factors to help patients build trust with their dentist even before they meet their dentist.  It starts with first impressions. Is the practice signage modern? Is it clean when I walk in? Am I made to feel comfortable and valued from the moment I step in the door?

Basically, do I feel welcome?

Then the dentist, and their nurse, needs to put the patient at ease. At The Exeter Dental Centre, our dentists should be affable but professional, exuding confidence but not arrogance. The nurses are asked to engage with patients to help the patient feel at ease.

So, the whole appointment is choreographed for the sole purpose of helping the patient feel comfortable in the dental chair.  This is nothing new, dentists have been performing surgery on awake patients for over 100 years but there is always room for improvement in building on the trust between patient and dentist.
For all of this to work, we request feedback on what each of our team does well, but also what we don’t do quite so well. That way we can learn.

For our patients’ ease we have a Google+ page which is the one of the most visible forms of giving feedback. We also use Facebook and Twitter, as well as the more traditional methods of an in-house comments book or simple emailing or telling us face to face.

However the patient leaves feedback, we welcome it as we have pride in our profession. We aim to respond to both positive and negative feedback the same day and it is always brought to the attention of the practice owner and principal dentist, Mike Hesketh.

Most frequently asked questions by patients on the topic of trust

‘I hate dentists, will you hurt me?’
We try our hardest to ensure that all dental treatments are pain free. We use modern local anaesthetics and numbing gel so you don’t feel the very fine injection needles as much.  We also take our time, so you can be sure you are numb and feel at ease before we start any procedure.
How much will my dentistry cost?
All treatment plans are made after a thorough history and examination is taken of a patient. We then create a bespoke cost estimate for the individual needs of each patient. All of our fees for the more common procedures can be found on our fees section of this website.  We aim to be very transparent and we won’t work on a patient unless they have made it clear they are happy with the cost of the treatment plan.
How long will my dentistry last?
Everyone is different and heals in different ways.  However, we put a five year guarantee on all of our dental crowns and bridges as we are very confident in our workmanship!