Hilary lectures at the North Devon British Dental Association meeting

 It was a great pleasure to sit and listen to our resident periodontal specialist Dr Hilary Cooke’s lecture to the North Devon BDA group of Dentists and Hygienists in Barnstable last week. 

The talk was well-received with the content on advanced gum surgery including how this can help dentists do better crown and bridgework.  Hilary also discussed the hot topic in gum health which is its causal link of Diabetes and possible causal link to heart attack and strokes.

Hilary emphasised how important it was for general dentists to take a full family medical history to see the predisposition to diabetes and carry out a risk assessment on patients gum health.  Hilary drew on her many years on the specialist register of the general dental council as a specialist periodontist and her training as a hospital consultant in South Africa.

Hilary also talked about how her advanced knowledge of healthy gums helped her train dentists when teaching at the University of Sheffield.

A number of dental hygienists and dentists were interested in referring patients to Hilary to gain an opinion on further treatment available for gum disease.


Frequently asked questions?

What should I do if my gums bleed?

Bleeding gums are often a sign of gingivitis.  This can be decreased by flossing regularly, using interdental cleaning aids such as teepees or floss sticks and using an electric tooth brush.  If a patient is worried about bleeding gums they should book a review with their general dentist

My teeth are loose, what can I do?

Loose teeth can be as a result of loss of bone support.  This can be caused by the later stages of gum disease called periodontitis.  A general dentist or dental hygienist can do an assessment by measuring the bone loss and formulating a treatment plan that might include a thorough cleaning of the area or some perio surgery.

Mike Hesketh

Owner and Principal Dentist

The Exeter Dental Centre