The safe way to a brighter, whiter smile


We all want a brighter, whiter smile. However, there has long been concerns about ‘rogue traders’ and recently the European Union became involved in regulating the tooth whitening industry to drive up standards of patient safety.

The EU has set standards in place that all clinicians should abide by to ensure great results and patient safety is paramount. Professional teeth whitening can give long-lasting, predictable results with minimal sensitivity with proper adherence to these new guidelines.

We have welcomed these guidelines and patients can trust in our high-quality, advanced dentistry.

We currently offer two options for people looking for a whiter smile. At home whitening involves moulds being taken of a patients’ teeth for a custom-fit mouth tray which can be filled with the whitening gel prescribed. Each application penetrates into the enamel to break up stains deep inside the tooth, and the teeth will gradually whiten over the treatment period until they have reached the desired degree of whitening.


The other option available to patients is in-house whitening. As you sit back and relax, a special whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then the Philips Zoom™ lamp acts as a catalyst to give teeth a lighter boost within one hour. This is then followed up by home whitening trays that patients usually use in the evening at home to get the extra desired whitening they wish. This lightening can be ‘topped up’ on an annual basis under the guidance of a patients dentist.

Patients have to be ‘dentally fit’ to have tooth whitening done and we often recommend a pre whitening visit to the dental hygienist who uses a gentle, dental airflow device that removes stubborn tea and wine staining prior to any treatment.

We recommend the most ideal method for teeth whitening based on the individual patients’ oral condition after an examination to establish the cause and nature of the tooth discolouration. We understand that our patients have differing needs and so, with this in mind, our tooth whitening consultations are designed to ensure we meet these needs.

Mike Hesketh

Owner and Principal Dentist

The Exeter Dental Centre