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dental sedation
It is our ethos that we never work on someone if they are not adequately anaesthetised. We hear the stories of patients’ previous experiences with other dentists where work has started before the anaesthetic has started to work fully.

We believe that dentists only hurt patients when they rush and that is why we allow plenty of time for each appointment so that you can feel at ease, and the local anaesthetic has time to work. We have never received a complaint of rough treatment from a patient and aim to keep it that way.

One of our dentists Ruairi is trained in dental sedation which means that patients can have treatment under medication (if suitable) so that they are more relaxed during treatment. Ruairi will be offering this service soon, so please ask at reception if this is something you think you might benefit from.

How do dentists practice pain free dentistry?

Some tips and tricks include warming the local anaesthetic before injection and injecting very slowly so the bolus of fluid does not stretch patients gums causing pain.

Is there new technology to help patients feel less pain at the dentist?

Yes, there a number of different local anaesthetics on the market now which have different properties such as some that work quicker than other or alternatively, one that wears off quicker so patients don’t have a number mouth for hours after treatment.

Mike Hesketh

Owner & Principal Dentist

The Exeter Dental Centre