Teeth straightening in Exeter – what are your options?

It doesn’t seem five minutes since a new way of straightening teeth has been released on the ever growing orthodontic market in the UK. 

As The Daily Mail recently reported there are some ingenious methods currently being tested in our grand institutions of dental education and research.  It is true that getting straighter teeth is becoming easier with more tested and verified ways coming onto the market.

At the Exeter Dental Centre we offer clear braces that are used to straighten front teeth with minor discrepancies. These can straighten teeth in weeks and are very unobtrusive.

We offer the ground-breaking Inman Aligner system which is a removable device which can treat more moderate levels of front teeth crowding, as well as offering traditional braces that are tried and tested. The brackets that hold the wire can be clear or metal depending on the patients request and clinical need.

One day we may even be using inflatable braces like those detailed in the news recently, so long as the systems are safe for patients and provide fantastic results we will always keep up with modern treatment methods.

Mike Hesketh

Owner and Principal Dentist

The Exeter Dental Centre