Warning against DIY dentistry by leading oral health charity

It has been reported this week that a leading oral health charity is warning people against DIY dentistry after an alarming number of people revealed they would not visit the dentist to remove a tooth.

In a new survey, one in five (20 per cent) said they would attempt to remove a tooth either on their own or ask a friend to do so if they could not afford the necessary dental treatment.

This could cause a lot of problems, including infections and other oral hygiene problems. DIY dentistry is totally unnecessary and dangerous. It is all too easy to make the problem worse, which could result in more invasive and expensive treatment.

Here at The Exeter Dental Centre we are focussed on preventative treatment and once our patients are deemed dentally fit, we recommend only having a regular annual check-up with the dentist and an oral hygiene therapy visit with one of our qualified hygienists. It is important to see your dentist regularly to maintain a healthy mouth, as well as to spot any early signs of mouth cancer which can prove deadly.

Our Healthy Mouth Review is reasonably priced at £45, around the same as a six-weekly trip to the hairdresser (for some folk).

Our friendly reception team are always on hand to talk about advanced dentistry at The Exeter Dental Centre.

Mike Hesketh

Owner & Principal Dentist

The Exeter Dental Centre