A tooth decay breakthrough!

I recently read an article claiming that British scientists have discovered a technique which can make a decayed tooth repair itself. The technique, developed at King’s College, London, effectively reverses decay by using electrical currents to boost the tooth’s natural repair process.

This is an exciting breakthrough in this type of dental treatment and could, potentially, be available in three years.

At The Exeter Dental Centre we invest in training, materials and equipment to make sure that we are at the cutting edge of dental treatment and practices.

The two-step method developed first prepares the damaged part of the enamel outer layer of the tooth and then uses a tiny electric current to ‘push’ minerals into the tooth to repair the damaged site.

The new method removes the need for drills. By accelerating the natural process by which calcium and phosphate minerals re-enter the tooth to repair a defect, it boosts the tooth’s natural repair process. Dentistry has been trying to harness this process for the last few decades and this breakthrough means the method could soon be in use.

We look forward to bringing this to The Exeter Dental Centre as soon as it is possible!

Mike Hesketh

Owner & Principal Dentist