Gentle dentistry is at the heart of what we do

General dentistry
According to a survey from the British Dental Health Foundation, there are still large numbers of people who have an irrational fear of seeking dental treatment.

Speaking to more than 2,000 people, it was found that 33 percent believe a routine check-up was scarier than the common phobia of interacting with other people, while dental visits were also deemed scarier than open spaces, blushing, driving, animals and confined spaces.

Of those who saw dentists as intimidating 31 percent said needles and injections were the factor that influenced their fear most keenly, while 25 percent suggested pain was the main cause for concern.

Here at The Exeter Dental Centre delivering gentle dentistry is at the heart of what we do, as we understand it’s important to our patients.

Our ethos is to always take our time. We never rush and we listen to patients’ concerns. All of our clinicians are experienced and trained in giving injections. We have invested in the latest technology and award-winning materials to achieve this, so our patients can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Most people who are scared of the dentist have bad memories from childhood of the smells and sounds of the surgery. The reality is our modern dental centre is much friendlier and we welcome new patients who alert us to their anxieties.

We look forward to making your next dental check-up as ‘friendly’ as possible.

Mike Hesketh

Owner and Principal Dentist

The Exeter Dental Centre