Considering orthodontic treatment? Here are some reasons why dental braces could help you…


Orthodontic Treatment

Dental braces offer corrective treatment for a variety of reasons, including; overcrowded or crooked teeth, gaps, overlapping, bite corrects, and other jaw misalignment issues.

Here we look at some of the reasons you might want to consider orthodontic treatment:

Oral Health

While an attractive smile is aesthetically pleasing, a healthy smile is crucial to your oral and general health. When teeth are crooked or overcrowded they can be harder to clean effectively. Poor oral hygiene will lead to a build-up of plaque and eventually tooth decay, resulting in potential gum disease and even tooth loss. Bite problems can also be problematic and damage the teeth and gums. Severe overbites increase the risk of injury to the upper teeth, while a weak bite could encourage gum recession, or wearing of the teeth which may result in premature tooth loss.


Despite the obvious and important health benefits of braces, it’s a fact that orthodontic treatment can also have an incredibly positive impact on a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

An unattractive smile can severely affect the way in which a person holds themselves. People who are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth may cover their mouth during a conversation or hide their teeth while laughing or be hesitant to smile. Sadly, appearance does make a difference in how a person is perceived and therefore treated.

The benefits of braces are not just purely cosmetic. The positive effects gained from successful orthodontic treatment can have an incredible effect on a person’s self-confidence and therefore quality of life.

Oral Function

Misaligned teeth can cause serious bite issues. This can result in difficulty chewing, or eating certain foods, problems making certain speed sounds, and may even cause clenching and grinding at night. Establishing a healthy bite avoids tooth wearing, stress on the bone and gum tissue and misalignment of the jaw which can cause facial pain and tension headaches. If severe cases are left untreated, dental care and treatment that develop later are much lengthier and often more troublesome than the process of fitting braces.

Here at The Exeter Dental Centre we treat both children and adults who wish to achieve a better smile. We are proud to offer traditional braces and the Inman Aligner – a solution for straightening crowded or protruded front teeth in 6 – 14 weeks.

We can offer patients looking to have orthodontic treatment with our associate dentist, Alex Griffin, who has a special interest in orthodontics and is currently in her second year of an Orthodontic MSc at Warwick University.

Mike Hesketh

Owner & Principal Dentist

The Exeter Dental Centre