Working with the UK’s only European Expert in dental implantology

Dr Phil Bennett

At The Exeter Dental Centre, we are extremely lucky to work with Phil Bennett – the UK’s only European Expert in Dental implantology.

Phil was conferred this title after examination by the European Dental Association and represents the culmination of 25 years to the science and art of placing dental implants. Only last week he was discussing an implant he had placed in 1988 with a patient when he realised the dental implant had been in place for longer than his dental nurse had been alive!  This experience, coupled with a pair of ‘good surgical hands’ and flair for creating fantastic smiles, is why dentists refer patients to his practice with us, here in Exeter.  Phil has a proven track record in caring for patients of other dental practices having built up a large implant practice, based in Lyme Regis.

As a past president of the Association of Dental Implantology and the founder of the South West branch of the ‘ADI’, Phil is respected by his peers.  Phil brings us the ability to fully restore complex cases for patients who have suffered with poor teeth and gums and who are looking for a lasting solution.

It’s an honour working with someone of Phils stature and experience, I have never been as amazed with advanced dental treatment as I have been working with Phil in the last year.  I’ve watched him place dental implants and restore patients full mouths with complete precision – usually whilst singing along to Smooth 70s!
Mike Hesketh


The Exeter Dental Centre

Some Frequently asked questions:

How long do dental implants last?

This is dependent on the patient – everyone heals differently and has different eating and health habits.  It is reasonable to assume that with a reported success rate of 95% dental implants are classed as a longer term solution to missing teeth than traditional techniques.

What are the benefits of dental implants vs dental bridges?

Traditional dental bridges rely on the teeth either side of the gap to support the prosthesis (fake tooth) in between them.  This invariably puts added pressure on the adjacent teeth.  Dental implants stand alone in the bone in the gap after a minor surgical procedure.

How do the implants connect to the crown on top?
Precision attachments that fit in the implant are milled using laser scanning and milling machines.  Then the crown (white porcelain) is placed on top.

What else can dental implants be used for?

Implants can be used to anchor dentures.  A number of implants can be placed in patients who have no teeth in a jaw then a denture made to fit them.  The denture is removed and cleaned on a daily basis by the patient.

How much does a consultation with Phil cost and whats the process?
Please give reception a call on 01392272350 to book a consultation with Phil.  He will go through a thorough examination and outline some possible treatment options for you.  The fee for this consultation is £80 and will be followed up by a letter from Phil detailing what was found and discussed. After this you can ask any more questions you may have and get booked for surgery.