What Is The Ideal Age For Getting Braces?

Misaligned teeth are a common occurrence among children these days. A variety of removable and fixed appliances can be used to move the teeth back into their position. One of the best and time tested methods for tooth alignment is dental braces, or more scientifically called as the orthodontic brackets. These dental braces are bonded to the teeth using an adhesive material and incorporate wires into them that apply necessary forces for tooth alignment.

What Is The Ideal Age For Getting Braces?

The ideal age for the child to consider braces is when all or almost all the baby teeth have been lost or extracted. Since straightening of temporary teeth would provide no benefit, dentists usually wait till the child has grown all the permanent teeth so as to provide a lasting and permanent dental treatment. Generally, children in their early or mid-teens have grown all their permanent teeth (except the third molars), and are considered as ideal candidate for an orthodontic treatment. Research has shown that at this age, the teeth and surrounding structures are not firmly attached to the jaw bone and can be easily moved and re-aligned.

What Are The Precautions During The Treatment?

After the braces have been fitted, the team at The Exeter Dental Centre will give you specific instructions that must be adhered to, in order to ensure a smooth and trouble free orthodontic treatment. Children with braces should avoid biting very hard foods, sticky candies and fizzy drinks.

What Is The Duration Of An Orthodontic Treatment?

Our dentist Alex Griffin will usually provide a fixed time table for the orthodontic treatment. However, it can depend upon various factors such as the severity of problem and the cooperation of the child during treatment. In fact, the most important factor is child cooperation. A treatment can get excessively prolonged if the child keeps detaching the braces, or does not follow the dentist’s instructions. Generally two years is sufficient for correction of even the most difficult cases.

What About Adults And Braces?

The Exeter Dental Centre treats both children and adults who wish to achieve a better smile. We are proud to offer traditional braces and the Inman Aligner – a solution for straightening crowded or protruded front teeth in 6 – 14 weeks. The patented Inman Aligner gently guides your front teeth into an ideal position and, because it is removable, you can take it out to fit with your lifestyle. It represents excellent value compared to other systems on the market and achieves amazing results.