The latest buzz word in dentistry is peri-implantitis …but what is it?

The latest buzz word in dentistry is peri-implantitis – what is that I hear you ask?  Well, it is sort of gum disease for dental implants.  There is a worrying trend in recent years that’s on the increase, probably due to the number of dental implants being placed and enjoyed by patients nowadays.

This disease can cause loss of bone around the implant and may even cause the implant to fall out. Poor oral hygiene techniques, combined with a poor follow up with patient’s dental hygienist, are contributing factors. Patients should be seen by their dental hygienist every three months, following placement.

How do you recognise that you are suffering from peri-implantitis? 

The gum around the margin of the implant becomes inflamed and red.  It may bleed after brushing and flossing. Sometimes if you push the gum pus will appear on the margin of the tooth.

What should you do if you suspect that your dental implant is suffering?

Ask your dentist or your hygienist to measure if there are gaps between your implant and your supporting gum and bone, often an x-ray will be required.

How would your dentist or hygienist treat this disease? 

Treating peri-implantitis is complex and difficult and currently there is no one agreed method. However, here at The Exeter Dental Centre we have one of the foremost experts at treating this disease in the UK. Dr Phil Bennett is currently working on producing a protocol for a large healthcare group in order to standardise clinical treatment for this problem.

So, if you are worried that your implant might be at risk, please call us on 01392 272350.

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