Put an end to that nasty ‘black line’ forever


Do you suffer from ‘black line-itis’?  Ok, so this is a made up term, but do you know what we’re referring to? It’s that line that appears along old crown and bridge work near the gum margins.

We have noticed that a lot of new patients coming in to see us are concerned about this black line that has appeared along their old crown and bridge work. In particular, this is very noticeable when you smile and many patients have begun to feel self concious about it.

‘Black line-itis’, as we’ve coined it, is caused by gums receding away from the joint between the crown and the tooth root. The black line is the metal showing beneath the covering porcelain. As well as being unsightly, this can result in teeth becoming sensitive to hot and cold drinks, as the root surface is exposed.

Here at The Exeter Dental Centre we make crowns and bridges that have no metal component, consisting entirely of ceramic which is matched perfectly to your own natural tooth colour – or a even a shade or two brighter if you’d prefer!

An end to ‘black line-itis’ forever.

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Here is a video of one of our lovely dentists, all of whom are skilled in replacing poor looking crowns and bridges.