About Us

Everyone is welcome

We’re an award-winning, private dental practice located in the heart of the city open seven days a week. We take care in creating a stress free, calm environment, that’s filled with kind and courteous staff. We have a highly knowledgeable team of professionals from great dentists to leading experts and specialists. We’ve been recognised with industry awards and above all we can offer a solution to every dental problem you may have. There aren’t many things we haven’t seen and everything can be gently sorted.


Many of our new patients come on recommendation, so whether you are looking for advanced dental treatment or just a great local dentist then please get in touch, everyone is welcome.

We might look big, but we promise it’s just us!


Our Journey

Established since 1948  The Exeter Dental Hospital was located on Queen’s Street opposite the entrance to the then market. Patients in the chair had a good view of the statue of Queen Victoria and it was run by a Mr Martyr. In 1948 the practice was bought by Ted Lyne and became one of the largest NHS practices in Exeter.

In 1954, Bob Bendall joined the practice and the partnership, ‘Lyne & Bendall’ was formed.

Almost a decade later, in 1962, the practice moved to Princesshay where Dr Geoff Ames and Dr Stephen Skitt joined a short while later.

In 1976 Ted Lyne took retirement to sail around the world and ‘Bendall, Ames and Skitt’ was formed.

After the redevelopment of Princesshay in 2008 the practice relocated to an enviable city centre location, whereupon it underwent an extensive surgery refurbishment and changed its name to Castle Square Dental Practice. During this period Geoff Ames and Bob Bendall retired and Andrew Skitt and Martyn Shepherd bought into the practice with Stephen Skitt.

Please pop in and see us, everyone is welcome.