Nervous Patients

One Big Promise

One in four of us dread a visit to the dentist. Being afraid of the dentist means different things to different people, maybe it’s the anticipation of some pain or a previous bad experience. At the Exeter Dental Centre we can make you one very big promise, we promise to look after you really well. We specialise in dealing with nervous patients and only work with the very best people for your care.

Great dentists, fantastic experts, super specialists, kind hygienists, fabulous receptionists and caring nurses

We are informal but hugely professional and pride ourselves on looking after people really well. We believe that if dentists take their time, patients will never suffer with pain. So we never rush.

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Your Experience

  • Really nice dentists that are very well qualified, great talkers and even better listeners
  • A super friendly reception team, to help you book the right appointment you need
  • Lovely nurses that will look after you and make you feel totally at ease
  • A relaxing patient lounge with fresh coffee and daily papers, so you can arrive early and take a moment to relax
  • Numbing gels (really great for patients who are nervous of needles)
  • We take our time and don’t rush – so patients never suffer with pain
  • Consistency – once you’re happy with your dentist you get to keep them forever, lucky you!

Sedation service 

Who’s afraid of the big bad dentist?

We promise, we will never hurt you.

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Do you offer sedation for nervous patients?

Yes. We would like to reassure any nervous patients that all of our dentistry is done with the greatest of care, we take our time and never rush. We have some extremely talented dentists and access to the best techniques, equipment and materials, all which help to make treatment kinder. Many of our very nervous patients are now comfortable with our 'no pain' techniques and numbing gels, however for those patients who wish for sedation, we absolutely provide this service and full details can be found here.

How does the practice deal with nervous patients?

We are big believers in creating a friendly stress free environment, filled with kind, courteous and talented staff. We take time to think about your journey as a nervous patient and always do our utmost to ensure you feel at ease. We offer a range of refreshments to keep you hydrated, a relaxing patient lounge with daily papers and magazines, great communication so there are never any nasty surprises and above all gentle dentistry. We promise there is such a thing!