Same Day Teeth

Dental Implant Technology is now so advanced that we can offer ‘teeth replacement in a day’.  Led by the renowned Phil Bennett, our dental implant expert,  we can now condense all the ‘surgical’ appointments for dental implant placement, into one visit. You would still need to have an implant consultation and treatment planning stage but there is no longer any need to wear temporary loose dentures whilst waiting for your implants to heal.

The reason why this works is that it has been shown that dental implants heal well when connected together.  Whether this treatment is suitable for you, does depend on your mouths health.  You need to have enough bone to place the impants into for a start and you do need healthy gums.  So if you think this might be right for you or are worried  about the ‘intermediate’ healing phase of traditional dental implant treatment and want a faster solution to fixed replacement teeth that look and feel great.  Then Give us a call on 01392 272350.