Gum Disease

We are proud to work with the only specialist periodontist in Devon

Gum disease often starts as a silent disease and causes up to one third of adult tooth loss in the UK. It is caused by bacteria which lives in your mouth irritating the gums and causing them to bleed. Gum disease or periodontal disease can affect anyone, but some people are much more affected than others. The key to keeping gum disease at bay is to address how you look after your mouth. Having the right brushing and flossing techniques can have a massive impact at preventing and addressing gum disease.

If you have moderate to severe gum disease you maybe referred to a specialist for detailed treatment of your teeth and gums to help control the bacteria that cause gum disease. Please don’t worry, over 83% of the population have some form of gum disease and the great news is you have come to the right place.

25 Years Experience

Let Hilary our lovely resident Specialist Periodontist get you on the pathway to regained health. She has over 25 years’ experience as a dentist and Specialist in treating gum disease. She is registered as a Specialist in Periodontics with the General Dental Council, London. Hilary brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of periodontal disease. She has a special interest in aesthetic reconstructive periodontal procedures enabling enhancement of a confident smile.

Worried about loosing your teeth?

  • Do your gums bleed?
  • Worried about bad breath?
  • Have your teeth moved?
  • You’re not alone – 48% of people don’t brush their teeth at night and only 24% floss
  • Perhaps its time to see the dentist, you may have gum disease
  • It’s a painless ‘silent’ disease which causes a third of adult tooth loss
  • 83% of the UK Population suffer with some form of gum disease
  • Strokes, Heart Attack and Diabetes are just some illness linked to gum disease

Hilary To The Rescue!

Consultation £150

Great news, Hilary can help get you on the pathway to regained health. Her consultations last 90 mins and include a full detailed treatment plan and costs.

Talk to our friendly reception team to make your appointment with Hilary 01392 272350

Specialist treatment is about treating your gums, which will help you keep your teeth longer!

Strokes, Heart Attacks and Diabetes

are just some of the illnesses linked to Gum Disease


What is a Specialist Periodontist?

A Specialist Periodontist like Hilary Cooke is a dentist who focuses on the health of patients' gums and has undertaken a further three years of dental training to be listed on the specialist register of the General Dental Council. Essentially Hilary is the ‘go to’ specialist for treatment of gum disease. Hilary is great with her patients and has an absolute passion for looking after oral healthcare. We welcome referrals from all over the country.

What does the specialist treatment involve?

This can be surgical or non-surgical. Non-surgical involves in depth cleaning of all surfaces under the teeth above and below the gum line. This is often carried out under local anaesthetic so that it does not hurt you. The careful use of fine powered and hand operated cleaning instruments on the tooth surfaces. Periodontal treatment is given over several appointments and the number of appointments you will need depends on how severe and widespread your disease is. Patients with more aggressive forms of gum disease may be asked to take short courses of antibiotics after treatment. We will also teach you the best methods of cleaning your teeth and gums to remove the bacteria. Treatment will be most effective if you clean your teeth thoroughly on a daily basis. Surgical treatment involves more in depth cleaning of the teeth below the gum line using surgical techniques to gain access.

What are the benefits to specialist treatment?

After periodontal treatment your gums will become healthier, which will help you keep your teeth longer. The improvements will depend on how good your cleaning becomes and how severe your disease was to start with. If your gums bleed, are red or are swollen this will get better. If your
gums are sore, treatment should help and if your teeth feel loose they may feel firmer after treatment. Your breath may become fresher.