Root Canal Therapy

We are proud to work with Dr Andrew Sleigh, our clinical director who heads up our endodontics department

Root canal therapy is a leading treatment used to save a badly damaged or unhealthy tooth. When a tooth hurts continuously or has an abscess, a root canal could be carried out in order to save the tooth. Endodontics is the science and practice of root fillings or root canal therapy. Performed well, root fillings can often be the difference between loosing or keeping a tooth.


All Root canal treatment can be carried out by all of our associate dentists, however our Clinical Director Andrew Sleigh is studying for a masters in this subject and accepts many referrals from fellow dentists for more complex cases. We use leading materials and equipment to ensure optimum results and minimal discomfort to the patient.

    • Accept referrals for complex root canal treatment
    • Helping you keep as many natural teeth as possible
    • We always take our time to ensure minimal discomfort
    • Experienced with dealing with anxious and nervous patients
    • We produce a clear written treatment plan, including all costs


Meet our Clinical Director Andrew

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