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General Dentistry

We are proud to be breaking the moulds of ‘traditional’ dentistry at The Exeter Dental Centre.

Our specialist approach, with expert dentists and cutting edge materials means you can experience some of the best dental treatments in the country here in Exeter.

We invest in quality materials and clinician training to ensure that the general dentistry we provide is state of the art and is designed to last. We take our time to listen to patients’ concerns regarding their mouths and deal with nervous patients slowly and carefully.

We give our patients a full diagnostic assessment, followed by all aspects of dental health care from simple restorations to advanced full mouth reconstruction.

Our attitude to dentistry and our patients’ dental problems, means  that they keep returning, year after year – from our youngest patient to our oldest in their nineties.

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At The Exeter Dental Centre our ethos is to invest in quality materials and clinician training to ensure that the dentistry we provide is state of the art and designed to last. The key to a healthy smile is looking after your teeth and gums properly, and this means regular visits to the dentist and […]

Tired of ill-fitting dentures? Do they rub and cause sore spots, drop while you are eating or feel too bulky so you can’t taste your food? Here at The Exeter Dental Centre we are proud to offer the latest technology in denture design and manufacture. Dentures, or “false teeth”, are removable prosthesis which help replace all […]

Root canal therapy is a leading treatment used to save a badly damaged or unhealthy tooth. Root canal treatment is carried out by our Associate Dentist Andrew Sleigh who has a high success rate in this treatment. It is a highly specialist procedure and takes time to complete. We clean the centre of the affected tooth and […]

Our extractions are carried out with the greatest of care, your comfort is our priority. Although permanent teeth can last a lifetime, teeth that have become damaged or decayed may need to be removed or extracted. There are lots of reasons to remove a tooth, such as tooth decay, problematic wisdom teeth or to make […]


The sun is shining and today we’re graced with the presence of the fabulous Hilary Cooke who’s looking after gums all day! As Devon’s only periodontal (gum) specialist, we’re proud to work with her exclusively at The Exeter Dental Centre. Watch our quick..

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You are not alone! Watch our quick video to learn more about gum disease and how our in-house specialist periodontist Hilary Cooke can help put a smile back on your face. There is nothing this lady doesn’t know about gums!