Dental Overlays

There are a wide variety of corrective treatments people can have nowadays to repair teeth that have been damaged by an accident or tooth decay.

At The Exeter Dental Centre our advanced overlays are created in a lab and are made of dental porcelain, so they look natural. Overlays are used to treat more serious tooth decay and are bonded over the tooth. Dental overlays are made of materials that are similar in appearance to the color of natural teeth and are used to repair cracks, fractures, cavities and other minor to moderate damage to back teeth.

The benefits of dental overlays are:

  • They appear like natural teeth and improve the overall smile
  • They are customised to fit the natural teeth and bond better than metal fillings
  • They can strengthen teeth
  • Overlays are extremely durable and can last up to 30 years
  • They look and feel like natural teeth, but do not stain
  • Overlays work to preserve the remaining tooth
  • They work well for large cavities or significant repairs

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