We are fully brushed up on looking after your child’s smile

Keeping your little ones teeth in tip top condition can be quite a challenge, but luckily at The Exeter Dental Centre we are fully brushed up on the best ways to look after your child’s smile. We have a super friendly talented team offering top notch dentistry for the super special people in your lives.Children can enjoy a ride on the dental chair, become friends with their dentist and learn all about how to brush their teeth correctly and look after their gums!

It’s all about a positive and fun experience, so your child grows up with no dental phobias and a smile to be proud of!

Oral health is an integral part of a child’s overall health and when children are not healthy, this affects their ability to learn, thrive and develop. Getting the foundations right from an early age with regular trips to the dentist is key and we place great emphasis on prevention and education. Its nothing for your child to be scared about, our clinicians are naturally gifted with children and are skilled at making the most nervous child feel really comfortable and happy in our care. We are super gentle, kind and have plenty of tricks up our sleeve to make visiting the dentist a positive experience.

Our Children’s Membership Plan

Get your child off to a flying start and sign them up to our membership plan. It is available to any child whether you are a member of our practice or not. Its really easy to join, one registration form and a direct debit mandate and just one months notice if you ever choose to leave.

  • Two healthy mouth review appointments each year
  • Mercury free dentistry, fluoride applications and sealants where appropriate to reduce the risk of tooth decay
  • Free dental emergency visits carried out during normal practice hours
  • Routine oral cancer screening
  • 10% discount on any further treatment
  • Access to 7 day a week dental care
  • Membership card with access to 24 hour helpline for dental emergencies at home or abroad
  • Worldwide supplementary dental injury and emergency insurance

Now that’s something to smile about!

Children on a membership plan are likely to need fewer fillings as problems are caught early on, there’s a decreased chance of toothache and they are less likely to have a dental phobia growing up! Now that’s something to smile about.

Children’s Payment Options

Under 5s

Children under 5 are seen for free when attending with a paying adult’s appointment.

5yrs – 16yrs

Children under 16 are seen for half price when attending at a paying adult’s appointment and all treatment is carried out at half price.

Children’s Memberships £6

For just £6 per month you can now sign your child up to our practice membership plan. Packed with loads of benefits, its the most cost effective way to receive top notch dentistry for the little people in your life. Find out more here.

Check out our Education Stations and Kids Zone Page for more information

Our children need your help…

According to a recent BBC report, 500 children a week go into hospital with rotton teeth across the UK. (BBC Food unwrapped 2015)

We are a nation of bad brushers.


Fifteen facts you maybe didnt know. Yikes!

Tooth decay is the most common oral disease affecting children and young people in England

Tooth decay is the most common reason for hospital admissions in the uk for children aged 5yrs to 9yrs

According to a recent BBC report, 500 children a week go into hospital with wrotton teeth across the UK. (BBC Food unwrapped 2015)

Over 500 children in Devon were referred in the NHS for tooth extractions under general anaesthetic (2012)

53% of parents are stressed about incorrect brushing! (Aquafresh Poll 2015)

Only 57% of parents actually ensure their children brush their teeth (Research 2014 )

Toothy decay in toddlers is on the increase, due to children snacking more on foods contain hidden sugar.

Parents are not taking their children to a dentist as early as they used to

Less than half of all children visit the dentist regularly (Research 2014)

Wrotting teeth, makes children miserable! Pain, infections, impaired nutrition and growth are just some effects of wrotten teeth.

Poor oral health can affect children’s ability to sleep, eat, speak, play and socialise with other children.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia presents a small but real risk of life-threatening complications for children

Almost 30 per cent of children in the UK are obese when they enter secondary school, due to too high sugar diets.

Poor oral health is linked to problems with obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancers, type-2 diabetes, osteoarthritis and hypertension, disability and decreased life expectancy.

The Good News!

Dental decay is totally preventable if children & parents are educated on implementing a healthy diet and teach their children clean their teeth. No decay, no tooth removal! Book an appointment today and help your child receive all the benefits of great dental care.