Healthy Mouth Reviews

The key to longevity & wellness

The key to a healthy smile is looking after your teeth and gums properly, and this means regular visits to the dentist and hygienist. We understand it is not the most exciting trip ever, but dental check ups are key to maintaining great oral and general health, longevity and wellness. Healthy teeth and gums are beneficial to the whole body by reducing the risk of heart attacks, diabetes and strokes. At The Exeter Dental Centre achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth is at the forefront of what we offer and our focus is on preventative dental care. We aim to identify any existing disease, and where treatment is required, offer comprehensive advice and treatment options.

Our Healthy Mouth Review includes

  • A comprehensive examination of all areas of the face, head, neck and mouth
  • A tooth shade check
  • X-rays taken as required
  • We will always take our time and listen to your concerns about your teeth and mouth
  • A clear written treatment plan, including all costs

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